Export advice

Tunisie Afrique Export provides to the customer a varied range of services related to Export Advice which concerns the following topics:

- Accompaniment, advice and information;

- Training of the Customer's executives;

- Realization of market study of products and services in African countries;

- Personalized representation of the Client's company and the promotion of its activity and its products as well as the search for partners during the prospecting missions organized by Tunisie Afrique Export;

- Following of contacts realized during the prospecting missions by TAE;

- Insertion of the customer’s activity into the TAE database contained in the rubric of its website with its logo and cooperation announcements.

Exposition Park BNP N74
2089 Kram, Tunis, Tunisia
Phone. : 00 216 71 975 035 / 00 216 71 975 054
Fax : 00 216 71 975 352
Email : contact@tunisie-afrique-export.com
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