Tunisie Afrique Export is a limited company with a capital of 1,000,000 Tunisian National Dinars (TND) specialized in export advice. Its main shareholders are its three co-founders Mr. Néjib Ben Miled CEO of the Tunis International Trade Fair Company (SFIT), Mr. Taoufik Mlayah CEO of the Tunisian International Trade Company (SCIT) and Mr. Férid Tounsi former CEO CEPEX and former DG of API. The list of shareholders includes SFIT, SCIT, Al Baraka Bank, UIB Bank, ATB Bank and private groups Bayahi, Hamrouni and Zakhama.


Exposition Park BNP N74
2089 Kram, Tunis, Tunisia
Phone. : 00 216 71 975 035 / 00 216 71 975 054
Fax : 00 216 71 975 352
Email : contact@tunisie-afrique-export.com
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